Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Tennis players, families, kids, and friends

Let us take this opportunity to thank you for attending the 2016 Fall QuickStart Tennis program held in Gloucester Twp. Trish and I hope to see you in 2017 at our programs held in early Spring at Fasola Park in Deptford Twp. and late Spring in Gloucester Twp. Community Park.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Hello Tennis Players

Parents helped kids learn to volley
Last Saturday, we played a game called "Turkey Run".
The kids had to run to a turkey hill when we yelled out "Hunter".
Then the kids had to name the part of the tennis court where their turkey hill was located. This a fun game to learn the parts of the tennis court.

The kids also practiced their forehands and backhands as Coach Ron and myself fed them red balls into their hit-zone.

While playing a game called Long Step, Short Step, the kids needed to run with long steps, slow down to a grab a ball, and then run to the net. Using an underhand throw, the goal was to put the ball in the basket on the other side of the net.
This game helped the kids with movement on the court, hand-eye coordination, and it focused on the concept of Long Steps to cover much of the court and then Short Steps to make final adjustments to the ball location, depth, spin, and bounce.

We had the kids do a drill by tapping the ball around three cones with control.
At the end of this obstacle course, they had to hit a forehand through the goal.

The kids love that their parents come out onto the court with them.
Parents tossed the ball to their child as they practiced hitting volleys.

This Saturday, November 12, it will be on the cold side. Please dress you child appropriately.
Gloves will inhibit the kids using their racquet as they tend to allow the grip to slip in the hand. However, we understand that hands get cold. Suggest to the kids that keeping their hands in their pockets when not hitting will allow them much better control when they pull warm hands out to grab the grip of the racquet.

Please go to

to see a web site for the kids that we are putting together.

         See you on the court! 

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Hello Tennis Players,

This past Saturday was lots of fun.
  • Our warm up was self cone-catcher.
    • This activity helped with tossing the ball up straight for pre-serving skills and then keeping your eye on the ball and catching it after a bounce for tracking skills
  • Our activity, Drop and Dash, taught the players to keep their eyes on the ball and use their full peripheral vision
    •  students needed to dash off their feet to catch the ball developing the quick starts off the line needed in tennis
  • Our Hitting-Tee was used to practice our backhands
    • Using the Tee's helps the players with their form and development of a proper swing path for the tennis racquet
  • Roll Ball Rally helps the players to move their feet to the ball and recover back to the ready potion using the shuffle step
    • This activity also helps with the form of swinging the racquet and making the correct decision about Forehand or Backhand groundstroke
  • Our Parent and player game was Bone Collector
    • Each person had to hit the ball over the net from an easy feed and get it to the other side while staying within our 36' court boundaries

Coach Ron and Coach Trish hope that you had a fun time.

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See you on the courts