Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Hello Tennis Players,

Coach Ron and myself hope that you had fun this past Saturday 10/08 and 10/15.
During our classes, we have done drills for the shuffle step, hand-eye coordination and movement on the court.

Each activity is fun and directed towards learning certain skills for tennis.
Here are some of things we have done:
  • Forehand
  • Toss and trapping the ball over the net with parents
  • Bumping the ball over the net in a rally
  • Movement on the court
  • Footwork with ladders and dots
  • Moving your feet to the ball on the court
  • Sizing of racquets
  • Use the T's for forehand practice  (T - hitting the ball off the string into the other side of court; Coach Ron's design) 
  • Learned tennis terminology ; shuffle, bump,  trapping,  forehand,  tracking, balance,  racquet parts,  underhand, bounce, rally, sportsmanship, Team

Coach Ron and Coach Trish give each student attention during our drills and when on the court with their parents.
We also tried to help the parents so you can be successful in hitting with your child both during the session and when taking your kids to the court to play.

Remember: What you do as a parent on the court will be duplicated by your child!
If you ever have any questions or need help, please let us know.

Please be patient with us. We have loads of different personalities out on the court as well different learning skills to teach.
We continue to strive each week toward our main goals: Be safe, Have fun, Learn something.

See you on the Court!

Coach Ron and Coach Trish